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Do I need a doctor’s referral for a Physiotherapy/Aquatherapy session?

As physiotherapsists are first line practitioners you do not need a referral from a Doctor to attend these sessions.

What do I wear for the pool sessions?

A bathing costume is recommended. You are welcome to wear lycra tights underneath if you will feel more comfortable. Men usually wear a pair of shorts.

Is there anything else I should bring along?

Bring two towels or a towelling gown and your change of clothes. We do have shower facilities so please bring along whatever soaps/body lotions you usually use.

Will my hair get wet?

It depends on the treatment you are having. It will get wet if you are doing a watsu session but not if you are preparing to join a class. There are hairdryers available for use after should your hair get wet.

Do I need to know how to swim?

While it is beneficial if you are comfortable in water, you do not need to know how to swim. You will be able to stand at every point in the pool and when we proceed to the deep end you will be given a floatation device to keep you afloat.

What do I do with all my valuables?

We do not have lockers available. You are welcome to hang your handbag in the pool area where you will be able to see it all the time – but it is advised that you leave your valuables at home.