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Classes are run every day at different times. You will be allocated to a class depending on your functional level.

The following classes are on offer:

  • Arthritis classes
  • Back rehabilitation classes
  • Ante-Natal classes

The back class is an hour long and consists of a combination of land-based activity as well as a water therapy session. These classes are aimed at individuals who are either recovering from a spinal procedure or trying to keep one at bay!

The arthritis and ante-natal classes are 45 minutes long and is only water based. It consists of a warm-up session, followed by a cardio-vascular component and some deep end activity.

 Class Etiquette

Please ensure that you arrive timeously for your class. The warm-up stage is crucial and if you miss this part, you body will not be ready for the cardiovascular bit, causing possible injury to occur.







You are kindly asked to give us 24 hour notice if you are not able to attend your prescribed class. You will not be charged for this class and will be able to make it up within the same month.