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The Facility

The Pool

The large pool is heated and fully enclosed, and has been built specifically for the purpose of rehabilitation. There are adequate railings in and around the pool area with shallow steps into the pool for easier access.

Pool StepsPool

For wheelchair clients or those not yet able to take weight through their limbs due to injury, we offer a hoist which will safely allow you access into and out of the pool.

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There is a bench in the pool which allows seated balance work as well as a comfortably sized 1.9m deep end for deep water therapy.

The temperature is maintained all year round at 32`-34`C by an electrical heater. The water is salt chlorinatored and the pool chemistry is checked and maintained daily.

The Change Areas

There are three change areas offering adequate facility to shower after your session. There are power points and hairdryers available for use. We have under floor heating for your convenience in winter as well as gas heaters around the pool area to warm the atmosphere.

Change Room


There is sufficient parking off street as well as a designated “disabled” bay in our driveway.